The Bachelor of the Anesthesia Technology Program at prince sultan military college of health sciences (PSMCHS), is designed to prepare Anesthesia Technology Specialists to provide basic, essential anesthetic care to the community. They work in accredited general hospitals, community hospitals and specialty medical centers under supervisory anesthetists. The program prepares, trains, and equips students to practice better and safer anesthesia, in order to reduce morbidity and mortality in the community, related to surgery and anesthesia. These graduates also play an important role in critical care. The teaching method in the anesthesia and intensive care departments is comprised of a combination of theoretical coursework and practical which are conducted with specimens and manikins, directly followed by clinical management of patients. After graduation, the Anesthesia Technologist provides essential anesthetic care to the community, under the supervision of an anesthetist or anesthesiologist.


 The anesthesia technology program is committed to being a leading regional department with the highest recognition in the field of ‎anesthesia technology’s teaching, learning and clinical competence.


The Anesthesia Technology Department is dedicated to educating and training Anesthesia Technology Specialists with competitive abilities and leadership skills by offering Anesthesia Technology Programs, conducting research, and providing community services in accordance with the best quality standards for the development of health care at the national level.

Program objectives

The main objective of the program is for all graduates to be able, immediately after being posted in any anesthesia department, to function under the direction and supervision of an anesthetist/anesthesiologist with skill and professionalism. And to promote the anesthesia technology curriculum that helps build the students’ educational and career goals in a success-oriented learning environment as well as providing the students the academic resources and clinical experiences with which to perform their professional duties, as approved in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.