Biomedical Technology

Biomedical technology program at PSMCHS aims to provide students with an education in medical engineering technology, life sciences and prepare them for lives as skilled professional healthcare specialists. Graduates are prepared for successful careers through ethical service and leadership as integral parts of the society, contributing in improving quality of life by tackling problems related to healthcare technology using leading edge technology and conducting state of the art research and development

The vision of the Biomedical Technology program at the PSMCHS is to become leading biomedical technology program in the Kingdom as well as region with highest international standards in the field of study.

1. Educate students with proper techniques and skills that reflect the latest advances in the biomedical technology field.
2. Produce leaders that are ethical in the professional duties and serve society with highest standards.  
3. Foster a research environment in the field of biomedical technology that improves the quality of life by resolving healthcare technology problems.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has an increased demand for medical services in both government and private sectors. As an integral part of the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences (PSMCHS) the program provides a high-quality education with crucial learning skills to enable graduates to accomplish various specialized services in health-care facilities. More importantly to participate in the sustainable development of the society through the graduates’ professional, technical, communicational and problem-solving competencies. The BMT program reflects the increasing importance of the field of Biomedical Technology in the development plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program focuses on career and professional accomplishments of the graduates that includes the major jobs that graduates are prepared to do and professional contributions, professional development as well as caring and serving the society. Our graduates will contribute to the future health and well-being of the patients in the country by their professional practice in securing, maintaining and improving healthcare equipment.
The BMT study program is designed in the way that provides comprehensive and interdisciplinary education in biomedical technology field, which helps graduates to contribute to the contemporary challenges in the local community. Likewise, the program will make graduate students ready to be competent and competitive in this field within the region as well as worldwide. Diverse, qualified and devoted academic staff of the program has paved the way for the teaching and research excellence, enabling the College to be a prospective leader in education and research in the region. In addition, the program has acquired necessary milestones for being a hub between academia and the industry at local and regional perspective. Complying with PSMCHS vision and mission, the BMT program adds values to the College by fulfilling its strategic goals and objectives