Clinical Laboratory Sciences

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Application of modern scientific methods and techniques in the expeditious diagnosis and treatment of disease and illness is one of the prime reasons for the outstanding progress in medicine during the last few decades .The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences of the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences is committed to providing this invaluable service.

Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program, at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences, involves a one-year Pre-Clinical and a three-year Clinical Course of study, as well as a one-year internship in a hospital. On completion of this training, the CLS graduate can assume the post of Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the Medical Laboratory of hospitals, clinics, forensic and public health departments or quality control sections of the food and water industries.

The CLS Program involves the systematic study of a wide range of subjects related to the scope of the Clinical Laboratory Science. Theoretical aspects in most of the courses are underpinned by a high level of training in practical skills.


To provide a learning environment that results in clinical laboratory professionals with the technical and leadership skills, to conduct research and to serve the community


Excellence and leadership in education, research and community services in the field of clinical laboratory science nationally and regionally.


  • Provide appropriate teaching and learning experiences to achieve high standards of competence.
  • Develop and instill professional attitudes, sound working practices, management and leadership skills with high levels of quality and safety in clinical laboratories.
  • Raise awareness among CLS graduates about the importance of continuous education, scientific research, professional improvement and community services.
  • Establish, implement and maintain a curriculum that generates remarkably skilled CLS specialists.