Health Information Management

Health Information Management (HIM) Department
The Health Information Management program is accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. Our HIM program has been designed to prepare graduates to manage and guard patient health information and medical records, enable computer information systems, collect and analyze patient data, and use classification systems.  The HIM graduates also manage people and operational units, and interact with all levels of an organization that employ patient data in everyday operations and decision-making capabilities. Health Information professionals serve patients by protecting their medical data.
Prince Sultan College focuses on educating and training health care professionals with competitive abilities and leadership skills. The college offers academic programs, conducts research, and provides community services in accordance with the best quality standards for the development of health care at the national level. The HIM program is committed to educating students for a future in Ministry of Defense hospitals characterized by change with an increased dependency on information and communication technology, and life-long learning.

Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Health Information Management program is to provide high quality education to produce confident, competent, and contributing professionals. Through education, innovation, research, and community service, Prince Sultan College equips its students with the knowledge, skills, and analytical tools necessary to become successful and ethical specialists at national levels.

Program Vision Statement
The Health Information Management program aspires to be recognized as a source of innovative ideas and quality producer of empowered graduates to serve as leaders in health information management.

Program Goals
The mission is governed by the following strategic goals:
Goal #1:
To foster student learning through high-quality, career-oriented education that integrates information technology and health care.
1.1. To assure compliance with national accreditation standards.
1.2. Accommodate recent advances in HIM and Information technology education through ongoing curricula reviews.
1.3. Develop competency – based training and assessment methods.

Goal# 2:  
Prepare confident, innovative, and contributing professionals who are competent to work in an e-Health environment by helping them possess critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as, communication and interpersonal skills.
2.1. Provide a structured program of study that encompasses the most advanced technologies in the health care system relevant to the needs of employers.
2.2. Incorporate active learning activities within each core HIM course.
2.3 Develop soft skills including: the use of information systems to collect data from different sources; to work alone and in group; to analyze the problem and propose real plans for optimal resolutions.

Goal # 3:
Maintain a research favorable environment in the HIM department.
3.1 Faculty development through continuing education.
3.2. Contribute innovative ideas for the management and use of high quality health care data.

Goal # 4:
Acquire required infrastructure of the Health Information Management Department to ensure sustainable development and create a good learning environment.
4.1. Improve HIM department facilities to meet the best available quality and standards.
4.2. Updating electronic devices and educational software according to the developments in the health care environment of the country.