Respiratory Care

About the department:

Along with the importance of developing and creating advanced health care services that meet with today’s requirement’s and the needs of the community members.  The Respiratory Care Department at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences strives to graduate highly qualified respiratory care practitioners in order to help diagnose and treat patients with cardiopulmonary disorders.

Our students learn how to apply evidence based respiratory care practice to prevent, help diagnose and treat chronic/acute disorders of the cardiac and pulmonary system.  Through their understanding of using related modern technologies and medical engineering that would let them gain the skills to conduct an evaluation of patients with Heart –Lung diseases and provide the necessary awareness and treatment in a distinctive method.

Graduates of Respiratory Care program are practitioners, qualified to provide respiratory care services in hospitals, homes and other alternative health care settings in a safe and effective methods.


The vision of the Department of Respiratory Care at Prince Sultan College is to be a leading program in providing high quality respiratory care education, research and community services.


To promote health care through qualifying and developing professional respiratory care practitioners to meet the society needs and participate in distinctive research and community services

Respiratory Care Department goals:

Goal No. 1: Enhance and expand the educational environment that meets expectations of stakeholders. (Teaching and Learning)

Goal No. 2: Develop, deliver and assess the curriculum that produces qualified respiratory care practitioners. (Curriculum)

Goal No. 3: Recruit and retain of faculty and staff that will effectively contribute to the respiratory care professional development. (Faculty)

Goal No. 4:  Participate in programs and support systems to cultivate scientific research and scholarly output. (Research)

Goal No. 5: Participate in the college strategic plan and partnerships for community services. (Community services)