Message from the Director of Admissions and Registration

As the Department for Admissions and Registration, at Prince Sultan Military College for Health Sciences in Dhahran, we would like to present a snapshot of our department. This team is the beating heart of academic life in the College. Its main aim is to facilitate communication between the student and the College right the way through their academic career: from the admissions process to their time as a student and beyond as they become a member of our alumni community. The role of the Admissions and Registration Department also includes providing prospective students with adequate information about the College, including its areas of specialisation, rules and regulations, as well as the entry requirements and the registration process itself. The department is therefore a fundamental source of information enabling prospective students to achieve their goals. The administrative staff in our department are committed to developing aspects of academic work in the College to facilitate certain procedures for students, faculty members and departments. We have therefore assumed the responsibility of developing the various aspects of the department for Admissions and Registration and we have set specific goals to achieve this. The results of our project have been computerising the operations of the department including admissions data, course registration, timetables and results, alongside statistics and many reports. Last but not least, we have created the electronic student file. Looking forward, we are working hard to make all admissions, registration and documentation processes easy and computerised for all students, faculty members, officials and beneficiaries of its services. In order to assess the extent of the beneficiaries’ satisfaction, the department evaluates its performance by surveying the opinions of students and teachers about the services provided, as well as evaluating the admissions and registration system, ERMS. The results of the surveys have proven to be hugely beneficial. In conclusion, I hope that your time studying here will be fruitful.

Unified Admission Gate for Educational Facilities of the Armed Forces Medical Services


About Admission and Registering Directorate

  • Receiving enrollment applications submitted by students
  • Organizing students’ entry examinations, if any
  • Taking the necessary measures to admit students to the pre-clinical year and support studies, as well as academic programs
  • Managing student bridging operations
  • Managing student deferrals / withdrawals/ as well as the organisation of certain academic courses
  • Following up on entering students’ grades onto the automated system and publishing the results
  • Providing the College units with any statics related to the student numbers and results and their progress in their academic programs
  • Managing student transfers to and from the College and the various programs
  • Issuing graduation certificates
  • Contributing to the planning process for accepting certain numbers of students
  • Preparing transfers / expulsions and other decisions concerning students
  • Managing and organizing student rewards in cooperation with the relevant authorities
  • Preparing study timetables
  • Preparing examination timetables
  • Preparing the academic calendar
  • Preparing and publishing admissions and registration guide

Admissions and Registration Units

Admissions Unit Mission

To accept new male and female students in various majors and degrees.

Reports to :

Head of Admissions and Registration Department.


1. Preparing letters, announcements, brochures, and guides related to entry examinations and requirements.

2. Supervising the publication of applicants’ data and grades on the website and sorting this data according to the conditions.

3. Preparing the names of those accepted and announcing their names in accordance with the conditions, policies and procedures.

4. Inviting accepted students to register, opening files for them and sending them for medical examination and security scanning.

5. Preparing correspondence and statistics related to new students.

Regestration Unit


To register students for different subjects according to their study plans.

Reports to:

Head of Admissions and Registration Department.


1. Registering students for subjects at each level according to the students ’academic conditions.

2. Preparing lists of students’ names registered for each subject.

3. Preparing correspondence and statistics related to student registration for the subjects.

4. Monitoring attendance and absence and preparing letters, in the occasion that the student receives a formal warning, is expelled or no longer permitted to take his or her examinations.

5. Preparing lists of deferrals, withdrawals and students no longer permitted to take their examinations.

Study Timetables and Examination Unit


To prepare study and examination timetables.

Reports to:

Head of Admissions and Registration Department.

Duties :

1. Preparing the required courses for each semester and contacting the departments to assign the names of the instructors.

2. Preparing study timetables for each major showing subjects, dates, classrooms and instructors.

3. Preparing the final examinations timetables for students according to groups, days and times.

4. Preparing a comprehensive exam timetable that includes examiners, invigilators and instructions.

5. Following-up on exams absences and preparing reports related to the examination performance.

6. Presenting the final results to the College Council and announcing them to students

Certificates and Documents Unit


To prepare lists of expected graduates and their plans for training and work and preparing records and certificates for graduates.

Reports to

Head of Admissions and Registration Department.


1. Preparing special forms for expected graduates that include their training plans.

2. Preparing special forms for expected graduates that include where they hope to work and referring students to the relevant authorities.

3. Preparing certificates and final grade records for graduate students.

4. Preparing lists of graduate students that include majors, GPAs (Grade Point Averages), grades and honors.

5. Preparing letters and responses for graduates.

6. Saving and documenting final grade lists after receiving them from instructors.

7. Keeping and documenting the final examination questions and the accepted documents and disposing of them according to the instructions.

Data Entry and Printing Unit


To enter the necessary data, information and statistics.

Reports to

Head of Admissions and Registration Department.


1. Supervising and following up on data entry and documentation with complete accuracy and confidentiality after approval.

2. Following up on the preparation of the required letters and ensuring that they are saved properly.

3. Keeping and documenting all incoming and outgoing correspondence according to its classification.

4. Entering all required information, evidence and brochures on the database.