The Graduate Department is concerned with following up the affairs of male and female graduates from the departments of the Prince Sultan Military College, and it is administratively linked to the College’s Vice President for Training and Excellence. It facilitates the tasks of sending graduate students from the environment to the practical environment. As well as following up the graduates and knowing their news, in order to ensure a permanent and strong connection with the graduates, so that his graduation is the end of the relationship with the college.

Overview of the Graduate Department

Based on the keenness of the Prince Sultan Military College for Health Sciences in Dhahran and in its belief in the importance of communicating with its graduates and an ambition to participate in improving the level of performance and educational service provided to the children of this dear country, the College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs was created with unlimited support from the college’s leader to establish a graduate department that strengthens and supports communication Permanent between the college and its graduates. And in order to stimulate the mechanisms of communication with the college’s alumni and alumni, we put in your hands this booklet, which includes the vision, mission and goals of the department in addition to a brief presentation of its various tasks, with our best wishes for all of you.

Names of distinguished graduates

List of holders of high positions

Male Graduates Female Graduates
14 1

List of holders of a doctorate degree

Male Graduates Female Graduates
19 1

List of those with a dental certificate

Male Graduates Female Graduates
4 4

List of master’s degree holders

Male Graduates Female Graduates
25 23

The percentage of employment for all disciplines is almost 100%