Advanced Clinical Simulation Center

The center works as a fixed pillar that pushes the wheel of health education and clinical training forward by honing the skills of college students as health practitioners using the latest technologies available for health simulation and virtual reality by using the most effective methods of education and health training by simulation.

About Advanced Clinical Simulation Center:

  • The center consists of three departments characterized by flexible design where it is used for emergency cases, critical cases, resuscitation, gynecology, obstetrics, premature infants, children, internal medicine and surgery. The center also contains a control room and a debriefing room.In addition to that, the center abounds with the latest technologies, as there are many high and medium fidelity simulation mannequins and many medical devices used in various medical specialties and audio-visual equipment.

– Effective contribution in developing clinical skills for college students.
– Raising the efficiency of the clinical performance of college students, which will positively reflect on the quality of health care and reduce the percentage of medical errors.
– Meeting the existing need to train college students in the health community by integrating the most effective methods of health education and vocational training with the most advanced simulation and virtual reality techniques available at the center.
– Providing a safe environment for health education and training.
– Making use of modern health simulation techniques to evaluate and assess the performance of college students.
– Building local and international partnerships that serve the strategic goals of the center.
– Contributing to community health education and training through community-specific training courses and programs.
– Achieving the 2030 vision to achieve the maximum utilization of resources by balancing the services provided by the center and the available investment opportunities.
– Developing the skills required for college students as health practitioners, enhancing analytical thinking and making the right medical decision with simulated scenarios for situations that the trainee may encounter in the work area