Director’s Message

The importance of computers for development and modern technology field is increased after technology was immersed in all aspects of life. From this standpoint and in the reality of need, the Communications and Information Technology Department was established to contribute to supporting the scientific, technical, research and administrative educational process in the college and developing it according to the latest technical systems and providing them to the faculty members with providing the necessary consultations and high-quality services that meet their needs through the latest means and equipment, which facilitates To advance the educational wheel for the better, and to search for ways and means to advance the educational process.

Therefore, the Communications and Information Technology Department at Prince Sultan Military College for Health Sciences is pleased, through which we shed light on introducing the Department of Communications and Information Technology and its various departments, as well as the most important achievements, activities and guidelines in addition to introducing the electronic services provided by the administration in pursuit of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and in line with The faculty’s strategic aspirations and vision is to raise the level of performance of all its agencies, departments and various centers, as the Department of Communications and Information Technology is proceeding at a steady and vigorous pace and making all efforts to upgrade high-level technical services.

ِAbout Information Technology and Communications Directorate

It is concerned with providing advice, informational and technical services and development in order to improve the performance of the college’s employees informational and technically and achieve global information security standards for the internal network and maintain it and control the powers for that, and also provide technical support services to users, and provide means of communication (such as e-mail, internal transfer) as well as technical synchronization with New technologies, managing and supervising the content of the internal and external website. And providing technical solutions that contribute to the provision of college services electronically through designing and creating programs and applying information security standards in order to contribute to achieving the college’s vision, whose strategic goals are “College without Paper”

Department of Applications and Software Development

  • Developing software, applications and electronic devices for each department as needed, workflow requirements and facilitating information in the work environment.
  • Prepare descriptions of programs and applications for each department as needed.
  • Supervising the development of electronic and internal and external electronic programs and programs.

Department of electronic Backup and archiving

  • The process of Backup, restoring and archiving data and restoring the original when data is lost.
  • Reduce the size of storage and provide the available space.
  • Supervising databases and ensuring their integrity.
    Raise the efficiency of databases.

Support and Operations Department

  • Maintaining the security of the college information internally and externally.
  • Monitoring of all operations Network and center, server systems, keyword systems, inside and outside the college information center.
  • Implementing and establishing an infrastructure of secure integrated networks and laboratories.
  • Continuous and rapid technical support
  • Developing the strategic plan and operations for communications and information technology with and overseeing the department’s performance.
  • Supporting the Educational process, academically and administratively, through optimal employment and effective use of modern technologies and keeping
  • pace with the rapid developments in this field.
  •  Providing technical and informational advice and services with continuous awareness of college employees in the optimal and safe use of technologies
  • Participation in the electronic transformation of educational transactions and services.
  • Support decision-makers in the college with accurate information and analytical reports that help them make the right decision at the right time