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Director Message

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students, I would like to give you a warm welcome to the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences. We hope you find the campus, its programs and its services excellent to be in top form to provide for your educational needs. Across the past years, the college continuously seek to deliver high quality education, add new academic programs, enhance support services and improve facilities. As well as maintaining academic excellence, we provide students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. The college is continuously marching ahead in pursuit of excellence in imparting quality education, inculcating strong ethical values in its graduates to become good citizens and serve the society in a better way.

Brig. Gen. /Dr. Edan Musa Al Zahrani
Director Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences

Program Goals are to prepare graduates for handling wide range of activities needed for administration of health care facilities and institutions, graduates are expected to:-
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the entity, structure and functions of the infrastructure of health care system i.e. hospitals and health facilities, to act as effective healthcare providers and leaders at operational levels at different types of healthcare delivery systems such as home health agencies, office based physician practices, mental health facilities, long term healthcare facilities, specialized medical centres, and insurance companies, and other health institutions.

2. Serves in an entry level and in certain middle-management positions in hospitals, health facilities departments after considerable experience and promotion from operational levels, Also high achievers are expected to be involved in higher leadership levels at tactical levels.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare delivery systems as open systems.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of management functions at (Health Services Organizations) HSOs, technical problem-solving, networking, and human relations knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for future healthcare administrators and leaders.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the important knowledge, skills, and values required in managing HSOs.
6. Functions as assistants in management and administration in healthcare institutions. I.e. analysing expected patient needs, participating in developing collection and tabulation of data and writing work reports.
7. Serves as an assistant to the hospital administrator or the head of a business, personnel, or purchasing department and other hospital facilities after indulging in deep experience in his or her facility or healthcare organization.
8. Functions in public health programs as entry level management personnel.
9. Communicating effectively and prudently with colleagues and coworkers, patients, customers by applying transcultural concept as adopted humanistic approach.
10. Demonstrate.' an understanding of the business processes and utilizing information resources to achieve organizational goals.

Program Vision Statement:

Our vision is to develop the required future healthcare management professionals, who can contribute effectively to the growing administrative demands of healthcare facilities at Military Services, by enhancing the managerial knowledge, decision making skills and building their professional competencies for achieving excellence in providing healthcare .


Program Mission Statement:
The mission of the Department of Health Services Administration is:
•Educating the next generation of healthcare providers to act as model healthcare providers and enhancing the knowledge and skills of the present generation, for providing competent, efficient and effective services to patients and to internal and external customers at different healthcare delivery systems in MSD and other Health Services Organizations (HSO) at Saudi Arabia Healthcare System.

•Creating and disseminating basic and applied knowledge about the management, organization, financing function, leadership and performance management of the healthcare delivery system; and Serving people in the military, public and private sectors of the health care system.


These activities, when mutually reinforced among all key people—faculty, staff, students, and alumni aiming to advance the Department level to a premier status among similar departments in Saudi Arabia universities and colleges.

The main purpose of Health Services Administration program is to qualify the students scientifically and practically for working in the professional track and to pursue undergraduate studies for obtaining bachelor of science in Health Administration.

Health Services Administration Program is a unique specialization, and is stemming from Business Administration theory and paradigms, moreover, it is an amalgam from different disciplines; specializations; domains, which includes and not limited to various disciplines such as business administration, public or governmental administration ,accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, health economics and finance, applied health statistics, public health, applied epidemiology, specialized healthcare disciplines, likewise, healthcare delivery systems, comparative health systems, long term-care, health planning and policies, evaluation of healthcare programs, international health, health insurance, health ethics, and Health Information Management etc.

After assessing and evaluating academic plans for Undergraduate Associate Degree Health Services Administration Programs in different universities at Saudi Arabia, regional and International universities, and extensive review of curriculums based on best practices. And conducting extensive review of Saudi Community Curriculums requirements, Moreover, reviewing the curricula standards, as benchmarked against adopted practices in worldwide reputable universities and institutions. We did find necessity for developing the academic plan and curriculums to be abreast with changes in international approaches, in Healthcare Administration arena, for achieving sustainability in developing healthcare delivery systems at Medical Services Division/Ministry of Defence (MSD-MOD).

Since healthcare industry is evolving and developing dramatically, we have to take into consideration the evolved expansions in healthcare delivery systems. It is substantial to suggest modifications in curriculums to be abreast with the requirements of HSOs in all healthcare settings atMedical Services Division/Ministry of Defence (MSD-MOD), and society's demand on healthcare professionals, in all healthcare administration echelons, at hospital and healthcare facilities in Medical Services Division/Ministry of Defence (MSD-MOD) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the Saudi healthcare system requires sustainable production of health professionals in operating the health system, which is vital and be the cradle component (Production of Human Resources for Health), i.e. health administrators; managers, who are managing healthcare systems. As result of this, we did find that, substantially we are in a stiff competition, which is propelling us to modify and adjust our programs, in accordance with curricula requirements, as perceived from students outcome based evaluations, our teaching learning interactions, our previous experience in different healthcare institutions and universities, healthcare administration paradigm and the community to be served requirements, needs and demands and healthcare organizations demand for effective and competent healthcare providers .

The designed curricula has taken into consideration the professional track and the academic track for the prospective students who are intending to make bridging to pursue their studies in the undergraduate major Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration in the future.

Dr.Mazen Abdulazeez Maswady
Assist. Professor, Head of HSA Department
PhD, M.Sc, B.Sc


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