Vision and Mission

College Vision

To be a leading regional college with the highest internationally acclaimed standards in the field of ‎health sciences.‎

College Mission

Prince Sultan College is dedicated to educating and training health care professionals with competitive abilities and leadership skills by offering academic programs, conducting research, and providing community services in accordance with the best quality standards for the development of health care at the national level.

The College Values

I.‎ Fairness:

‎ PSMCHS views fairness as the highest value in conducting all its functions and and activities.

II.‎ Efficiency:

‎ PSMCHS strives to improve its over all performance through the highest standards of quality to achieve the goals of all stackeholders.

III.‎ Excellence:

‎ PSMCHS is committed to excell in developing the ultimate work invironement to stimulate creativity, novelty and scientific research.

IV.‎ Empowerment:

‎ PSMCHS promote academic freedom and self-development for faculty and students through intellectuall communication and team work.