Message From Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Academic affairs in any college is the backbone of its scientific, cognitive and research development and the pillar of its advancement. Students, professors and leadership of academic affairs are the steppingstones of its integrated and interactive elements to produce qualified and trained health cadres to take on the responsibilities and challenges to serve the medical institutions and meet their needs of health care providers. The success of the academic affairs mission cannot be achieved without devotion, and dedication by all of the faculty members, students, employees, and administrators.

The College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs oversees the academic departments of the College in the academic, educational, cognitive and research aspects derived from the vision and mission of the College and its strategic plans that focuses mainly on the quality of education and its outcomes, and the student who is considered our target that we seek to refine and develop through offering quality of academic programs and diversity of training courses, and participation in scientific seminars and conferences, to meet the needs of the labor market and contribute to the realization of the vision of 2030.

Thanks to Allah , the College is in the process of obtaining an academic accreditation certificate from the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA), which enhances the status of the College and its programs locally and globally, as well as the community’s confidence in the educational programs it offers and the quality of its outputs. This contributes to the availability and increase of employment opportunities and admission into postgraduate studies.

The deanship is affiliated with the following departments:

Nursing, Respiratory Care, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Anesthesia Technology, Emergency Medical Services, Dental and Oral Health, Health Information Management, Biomedical Technology, and Health Service Administration. All of which, together with the rest of the administrations, seek to contribute effectively to the implementation of the college’s strategic plan, and to comply with the standards of academic accreditation. Which will be achieved through developing programs and study plans, and contributing to development efforts that raise the status of higher education in the Kingdom.

I hope that you will find among the pages of the College’s website what was the reason for your visit and in case of queries, we are glad if you communicate with us through the various means of media communications available on the site.


Excellence and pioneering in the fields of education, learning, and professional development.


Establishing an academic environment which enhances excellence and innovation, achieving through this, offering quality academic programs which guarantees graduating students with high competencies in knowledge, professional and ethical fields.


Goal 1

Offering pioneering academic programs in accordance with quality and academic accreditation standards.

Goal 2

Preparing an attractive and motivating educational environment for innovation and excellence.

Goal 3

Raising performance effectiveness of supportive departments and units which are under the vice deanship’s umbrella.

Goal 4

Adopting effective learning strategies and improving the performance of the faculty through continuous development and professional training.

Goal 5

Supporting building academic interconnections bridges inside and outside the college.

Goal 6

Building effective partnerships with society institutions.

Goal 7

Approving university student’s admission standards based on recruiting distinguished students.

Goal 8

Encouraging making specialized scientific research in teaching and learning.

Goal 9

Disseminating and consolidating quality and academic evaluation and accreditation culture.

About Vice Dean of Academic Affairs

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs is concerned with supervising the academic process for male and female students in Diploma and bachelor programs and executing policies and accredited programs in fields of students’ affairs services and supportive educational services for the purpose of achieving its defined goals.

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Followed Administratively By:

 The directorate supervises the management of students’ admission and registration system, regulates students’ admission and enrollment in the college different programs, their data entry and preparation of their files, examinations results, results announcement, transfer processes, dismissal, acceptance of excuses and other related aspects. The directorate also issues certificates and sets up schedules and examinations schedules.

The center works as a fixed pillar that pushes the wheel of medical education and clinical training forward by honing the skills of college students as health practitioners using the latest technologies available for health simulation and virtual reality by using the most effective methods of education and health training by simulation.

The department is concerned with promoting and delivering the intellectual, psychological, cultural and social services for male and female students, and caring for them through investing in its programs to strengthen the link between the students and the college, and seeks to deepen the spirit of belongingness to our homeland- Saudi Arabia. The student affairs department strives to occupy the students available time with all things that contributes to their cultural, psychological and intellectual construction and personalities, and aims to provide all means of comfort to them through various student services that would create a stimulating and productive learning environment.

The Curriculum and Study Plan Unit is an academic unit under the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, which is responsible for reviewing, updating and evaluating the study plans in coordination with the related departments and units of the college raise.

This unit undertakes the preparation of mechanisms for communicating with graduates, establishing databases, conducting opinion polls, preparing graduate support programs, and conducting a feedback study and making use of it in the processes of developing college curricula and continuous improvement.

Student Rights and Academic Advising Unit: the unit, in coordination with all academic departments in the college, manage the process of communicating with students, introducing them to their student rights and obligations in the college, and implement their opinions via student surveys, as well as increasing their awareness of the college’s mission and goals. It works to measure and identify the weaknesses in skills that may obstruct students’ academic achievement in the college.

The unit handles the process of utilization of e-learning and its application in college to improve, support and reinforce the educational process to raise it to the required standard in implementing technology in education, to guarantee continuous improvement of education through using technology in addition to creating an electronic educational environment which is easy and flexible to achieve the college’s goals.

This unit is concerned with establishing the policies for selecting the faculty members and a like, and distributing them to the academic departments in the college.

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