Message from the Vice Dean of First Year and Supportive Studies

Dear students, the First Year Programme at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences is the first step through the door to a whole host of healthcare professions, which are esteemed to be some of the most well-respected and finest careers that one can pursue.
To achieve this goal, you have to begin your studies with the First Year Programme and its tailored-made courses which will help you to develop a strong skill set in the fields of basic sciences, as well as enabling you to master the English Language and acquiring foundational ITC skills. These skills will be highly valuable and relevant not only to your academic careers but also your wider professional and personal lives. In addition, our teaching style using modern methods will equip you with excellent independent learning skills as well as favouring positive attitudes towards studying which will enable you to become a lifelong learner. These experiences will prepare you to perform well in an ever-changing, fast-paced world. You will set high expectations for your future and commit to serving your country in accordance with the teachings of our religion, values and Islamic ethics.

Because we recognize the important role that extracurricular activities play in terms of social and psychological development. The First Year Programme therefore offers extracurricular activities in the form of various clubs to suit individual interests such as: sports, cultural, recreational and other activities. All you need to do is participate with enthusiasm and give it your best effort!
The First Year Programme also offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with the health specialties available in the College, and to later choose to focus on the area that suits your desires and abilities. The academic guidance, as well as the public lectures and seminars on offer, aim to introduce you to the skills which are necessary in order to succeed in each of these disciplines. The conditions of study and work for each specialty are also explained so that you may make an informed choice.

I hope that your decision to study at Prince Sultan College is a well- considered choice, and that your subsequent years of study at the college will be fruitful and successful for both yourself and our precious country. Above all, may your time here may be filled with enthusiasm, excellence and the fondest of memories.


Developing the scientific, epistemological skills and cognitive capabilities of students and helping them to adapt and integrate into the college’s scientific and social environment to be qualified for substantial academic achievement and accomplishing excellence.


To provide the required activities and programs that are purposeful and necessary to prepare the students intellectually, academically and socially, and to provide them with the basic skills necessary to proceed with determination, stability and confidence during their subsequent years of practical and specialized studies .


Goal 1

Preparing students and qualifying them for the start of a new stage at their life milestones and positive interaction in the academic community of university learning.

Goal 2

Developing students’ abilities in utilizing the English language.

Goal 3

Developing students’ skills in using computer and its applications.

Goal 4

Instilling the magnanimous and correct values of Islam in thought and behavior and supporting their subsequent intellectual security.

Goal 5

Promoting and stimulating the cognitive, technical and intellectual powers of students to unlock the potentials of innovations and creativity through providing a suitable university environment for non-curricular activities.

About Deanship of First Year and Supportive Studies

The orientation of the College vice Dean for First Year and Supportive Studies at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences stems from the roots of the college’s strategic orientation and a translation of the pioneering role it plays, and through its relentless pursuit to make its educational product within the highest degree of intellectual and technological compatibility, and in line with the requirements of contemporary preparation of University knowledge upscale.

It also proceeds from the vision and mission of the college aimed at effective academic preparation of students in the first year, by offering sophisticated scientific activities and developmental programs necessary to equip the student intellectually and scientifically, and to provide him with the basic skills necessary to proceed with determination, stability and confidence during his subsequent years of specialized studies.

  • Educating new students.
  • Coordination with academic departments / units regarding curricula and study plans for first year students.
  • Coordination with the Admission and Registration Department regarding the first year and the supporting studies, whether it is exam schedules, study schedules, transfer, registration and other related aspects.
  • Dealing with students’ cases regarding their academic behavior in both the first year and support studies.
  • Science Department

Science department is concerned with providing the student in the first year with the important basic skills in mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. These subjects are considered essential and important in building the student’s skills as well as qualifying him and preparing him to practice scientific thinking in its theoretical and practical aspects in his future specialization.

  • English Department

The English Department is concerned with providing high quality English teaching by building a strong foundation in language education and basic language skills that students need to master in order for them to succeed in their studies. It is also necessary for them to develop the necessary language skills and competencies for academic purposes and life in general.

  • Computer Skills Unit

The Computer Skills Unit focuses on delivering basic computer sciences education through modern technologies to the students with theoretical and practical skills, as well as improving student’s individual skills in using the necessary software in their academic and professional careers.

  • Self Development Unit

Self-development unit aims to achieve the highest standards of excellence regarding the development of student’s skills through the investment in education. The students are provided with the skills they need during university and future life such as: learning skills, scientific research skills, thinking and communication skills. Also it provides students with fitness and health related skills and special education in an educational environment which encourages education and creativity.

  • Islamic and Arabic Studies Unit

Islamic and Arabic Studies Unit is keen to provide the student with an appropriate sum of knowledge related to Islam, as a doctrine, law and a way of life, and to show the distinction of the Islamic nation with its ancient culture that distinguishes it amongst human cultures in its components, elements and characteristics. It also highlights the position of Islam on the issues of the day in the fields of various theoretical and applied sciences and discuss them from an Islamic perspective.

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