Message from the Vice Dean of Post Graduate Studies and Research

In line with the vision and mission of the college to qualify and train healthcare professionals with competitive capabilities and leadership skills, the Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research (VDPSR) oversees all aspects related to postgraduate studies, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship. As such, the VDPSR is responsible for the creation and development of professional and executive Graduate Studies Programms that meet the needs of society and the labour market as well as providing high-quality community services to develop healthcare on a national level.

In addition, he or she helps to provide an enriching scientific research environment in order to increase research output in the distinguished areas. This contributes to raising the position of the College on both a local and regional level, by developing clear research policies and evaluating the performance of institutional research on a regular basis. Furthermore, the VDSPR helps to disseminate high-standard research and encourage faculty members and students to become involved in the research activities on offer at the college. Outside of the College, he or she works to forge research links with other local and international institutions both within and outside of the education sectors.

The VDPSR also seek to provide all kinds of support for demonstrators and lecturers by encouraging them to apply for the scholarships on offer to study in top universities.


To advance the college prestige locally and regionally as a prominent academic and research institution in different allied healthcare disciplines.


The Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research is working to promote knowledge and skills by supporting the scientific research and establishing postgraduate programs following appropriate quality standards for the development of health care at the national level.


Goal 1

Improve the post-graduation knowledge and skills of the national healthcare professionals.

Goal 2

Contribute significantly to scientific research relevant to allied health specialties.

Goal 3

Develop and promote research skills and academic rank of affiliated staff of the college.

Goal 4

Facilitate knowledge transfer and accessibility for the college affiliated staff and students.

About Vice Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Oversees all research aspects of the faculty, including graduate students, the research activities of faculty members, their promotions, and research agreements internally and externally. The agency also follows up all the work of the college’s central library and provides translation services required for documents related to the academic and administrative process in the college.

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  • Post-Graduate Studies Unit
  • Scientific Research Unit
  • Academic Promotions Unit
  • Library Affairs Unit
  • Translation unit
About ethics of scientific research

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB is a committee of scientists, non-scientists, community representatives and health care professionals. It reviews research studies in an effort to protect the rights, safety and well-being of research participants and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their information. In addition to documenting information needed by patients or healthy volunteers to enable them to make informed decisions on whether to participate in a research or not.

The Institutional Review Board at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences is registered locally by the Saudi National Commission for Bioethics (NCBE) with the number HA-05-D-046 and dated 07/10/1435 AH. It operates according to NCBE regulations and Good Clinical Practice Guideline (GCP).


We are pleased to serve you, please note:

  1. Prior approval of human research study protocols by the IRB is mandatory. You need to get a formal approval letter from the IRB before you can begin your research, including any data collection, or research participants' recruitment.
  2. Changes in approved research may not be initiated without IRB review and approval except when they are necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to participating subjects.
  3. You should report any unexpected serious harm to participants or unanticipated problems involving risks to participants or others.
  4. If you plan to extend your pre-approved research period, you should renew your IRB approval.
  5. All researchers are required to complete any of the following training courses according to the type of study:
  • All documents should be sent by e-mail to:
  • Make sure to submit all required documents, at least one month before the anticipated start day of research.
  • Make sure to submit complete applications. Incomplete requests will not be processed and will be returned to investigators for completion.
  • Upon receiving a complete application, it will be evaluated to determine whether it meets the definition of Human Research and if it does, it will be evaluated to determine the appropriate level of IRB review in accordance with regulations.
  • This evaluation classifies research into one of three categories:
    1. eligible for exemption from periodic review;
    2. qualified for expedited review; or
    3. subject to the most comprehensive IRB evaluation at one of the committee’s monthly meetings.
  • You will be notified of the specific review level, the approximate time required to complete your application review, and the final IRB decision.

IRB Office
Tel: 966-3-8440000, Ext. 6288
Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences (PSMCHS)

King Fahd Military Medical Complex

Bldg. 80, First Floor, Office 1039

Scientific Research Ethics System
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