Message from Vice Dean of Development and Quality

The Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality (VDDQ), with all its departments and units, is committed to achieving, establishing, and emphasizing quality assurance processes in all the College’s academic and administrative systems, activities and practices comprising its institutional system.

VDDQ follows Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 and its strategic objectives, which represents a key pillar of transformation and change into evidence-based practice in Saudi society. This vision has greatly benefited educational institutions, such as our prestigious College, by promoting knowledge and the development of the educational process to become one of its main pillars and instilling a culture of quality and continuous development in all of the College’s administrative and academic operations.

VDDQ with all its employees seeks to undertake the responsibility to improve the quality of education, its performance and its outcomes in accordance with current demands under an effective institutional system based on the vision, mission and objectives approved in its strategic and operational plan.

VDDQ also adopts the follow-up and continuous improvement of the internal review process through regular periodic auditing reports that come from academic programs, according to the requirements and standards of academic quality assurance approved by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation (NCAAA). These standards are based on the review of evidence, studies, specific performance indicators and benchmarks to ensure a rapid response to improve and evaluate its performance to achieve the satisfaction and expectations of the beneficiaries of the services and outcomes ofPrince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences internally and externally.

In conclusion, I must emphasize that quality is an ongoing process that needs time and cannot be achieved without collaboration between all Administrations, Departments and Units, and through the spirit of teamwork within the whole College. I am aware that the road will be a long and arduous one, but with united efforts and teamwork, we will move our College towards achieving our desired vision. Of course with, the unlimited support from the College Dean, Dr. Idan bin Musa Al-Zahrani, and the General Directorate of Medical Services of the Armed Forces, and the continuous support from the leaders of our Country – may Allah bless them – in implementing Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

In the name of the Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality, I extend my sincere thanks to all College staff for their time and sincere efforts that contributed to the promotion of development and the quality processes, which will eventually lead us to obtaining accreditation.


To be recognized as a vital and administrative entity to promote the culture of quality


Our mission is to lead the PSMCHS entities to an advance level of quality in overall academic and administrative performance and to plan College-wide strategies congruent to the latest standards of quality


Goal 1

Development of an overall quality application strategy at PSMCHS.

Goal 2

Performance management and quality assurance of academic and administrative organizational entities.

Goal 3

Promotion of quality culture and quality values among faculty, employees, and students through studies, conferences and scientific workshops related to performance improvement to ensure connected thinking among all.

Goal 4

Energizing central committees and subcommittees for assuring quality and accomplishing accreditation at PSMCHS.

About Vice Dean of Development and Quality

The main focus of the VDDQ is to build PSMCHS’s academic and administrative capacities and breakthrough PSMCHS’s academic programs, for accreditation by The Education Evaluation Commission (EEC) as local accrediting institution, and by external regional and international accrediting academic organizations.

The Vice deanship plans, organizes, evaluates and controls, and assesses all College operations ,processes, performances and practices, for assuring quality of structural inputs, verifying the quality of outputs and outcomes of the educational services.

One of the main functions of the VDDQ is to develop and originate various assessments, measurements and evaluative tools related to the quality management system. It conducts periodic evaluation processes, summarizes outcomes of administrative and academic performance results at PSMCHS in its, monthly, quarterly annual reports. In addition, the VDDQ participates in establishing strategic and operational plans at PSMCHS, managing, and developing institutional and faculty capacities of PSMCHS for achieving academic excellence. Last but not least, VDDQ manages the process of obtaining excellence awards from concerned authorities.

  • The VDDQ also provides consultation, training, technical support, and liaison with PSMCHS academic and administrative organizational units, for having the required advisory and training activities, regarding accreditation requirements on institutional and programs levels.
  • The VDDQ collaborates, cooperates and coordinates with different accrediting organizations for compliance with the established standards of these organizations. Moreover, VDDQ makes adequate realization and follow-up of approved standards, their requirements, and provision. VDDQ makes standards; criteria and requirements pervasive throughout its organizational plans and academic programs.
  • The VDDQ measures the performance indicators for quality assurance, build a quality management system and model required for administrative, academic and clinical standards.

Quality and Academic Accreditation Department

The application and quality control and to achieve academic accreditation, and dissemination of quality culture among employees of the College. It also works to activate operations performance measurement and analysis of the data and draw conclusions about the reality of performance in College, and finding Awards for Excellence in College, and motivate teaching staff


1. Applies the Quality Management System in the College.

2.Follows up the evaluation of the performance in the College.

3.Works on letting the College and its programs obtain the academic accreditation.

4. Follows up the preparation of the description and the report of the scholastic curricula and programs.

5. Follows up the preparation of the self-evaluation reports for the College and the programs.

6.Follows up the implementation of the training programs of the quality and academic accreditation

Strategic Planning Unit

Interested in building a strategic plan for the College and its departments, and work to achieve them. It also works to develop programs and activities of the College for academic development and research and administrative. This unit is also conducting research and development studies, which works to improve the current situation of the College as a whole.


1. Works on spreading the culture of strategic planning in the College.

2. Works on preparing the strategic plans for the College.

3.Works on implementing the strategic plans for the College.

4.Coordinates with the consultants and trainers in the field of strategic planning.

5. Follows up implementing the training programs of the strategic planning.

6. Authenticates the activities of strategic planning in the College.

7. Raises periodic reports to the deputy of the College for development and quality.

8. Forms the work groups of implementing the strategic planning tasks in the College.

9.Collects the data of implementing the strategic plan in the College.

10. Implements any other tasks assigned to him by the deputy of the College for development and quality.

11. Carries out any other tasks related to the work field.

Statistic unit

Interested in working on the development of applications and uses statistical within the College and its use in the development of all aspects of administrative, educational, academic and research, and to provide data that is used to calculate the performance indicators


1. Follows up preparing the databases of the quality and their data entry.

2. Coordinates with the relevant authorities on the parallel level.

3. Follows up the statistical analyses for the quality data in the College.

4. Prepares the statistical reports in the College.

Carries out any other tasks related to the work field

Skills Development Unit

This unit specializes in inventory of the training needs of teaching staff, administrators, technicians and military personnel, and all other cadres in College, and the design and implementation of training programs, and measures the return on training.


1. Restricts all the training needs for the teaching staff members, military personnel, administrators, technicians and all the professional cadres in the College.

2. Coordinates preparing the training packages

3. Chooses the trainers

4. Coordinates with the relevant authorities on the parallel level.

5. Implements the training programs

6. Evaluates the training

7. measures the return from training

Carries out any other tasks related to the work field.

Community Service and Continuing Education Department

Take organization of all events, training and advising and preparation of plans and studies that serve the community, consulting and training for employees of the College and the employees of the external bodies and agencies working in the field of College specialty in order to ensure the continuous development of competencies in the mind of Military Medical Sciences


1.Develops a comprehensive plan for reinforcing the relation between the College and the community.

2. Organizes the programs of the College from conferences, seminars and the events related to the community.

3.Organizes the visits of the delegations of the community organizations to the College.

4. Authenticates the College activities towards the community.

5. Follows up the implementation of the plans of serving the community.

6. Undertakes the necessary measures for measuring the needs of the community.

7. Supervises the financial affairs of the community services according to the rules and regulations.

8. Works on developing the community services department and enhancing its abilities