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According to the 2030 Vision “Our real wealth lies in our people and our society”. Community service is one of many roles played by PSMCHS. The College’s role in society is motivating and encouraging students to volunteer and take part in social and charitable activities. In addition, faculty’s research is directed to the community’s need and promoting social awareness to transform today’s society into a vibrant, thriving and a self-staining one. Community service and the Continuing Education Department is the link between the College and the society.

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About PSMCHS Volunteer Team

PSMCHS volunteer team is part of the College’s strategic plan initiatives and is aligned with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. The College aims to strengthen national unity and the spirit of being charitable among students and employees and to motivate creativity, innovation and social entrepreneurship among them.


The volunteer must comply with the following responsibilities, as failure to comply with them may expose him/her to deny him/her participation in the volunteer service:
1. Islamic behavior, morals, appearance, and respect for others
2. Reflecting a positive and honorable image that represents the College when performing tasks.
3. Ensure that personal information is correct when registering and updating it whenever there is any change.
4. Adherence to the agreed times when participating in the volunteer service.
5. Review the tasks and information provided and ensure that all aspects of them are understood before starting the service.
6. Avoid conflict of interests.
7. Wearing the identity card while volunteering.
8. Consult with the volunteer group supervisor when facing difficulties or obstacles.
9. To be present at the assigned location and to ask for the supervisor’s permission in case of absence or the need to leave the location for any circumstance.
10. Respecting the confidentiality.
11. Not to make any press or media statement without obtaining prior permission from the authority responsible in the College.
12. Preserve the property given to the volunteer and hand it over to the supervisor after task completion.
13. Follow safety and security guidelines and procedures.
14. Reporting the supervisor in case of withdrawal from service in a sufficient time in order to take the necessary measures, and documenting this electronically with mentioning the reasons.


Participation in voluntary services is not for the purpose of material gain. However, the volunteer has rights, and they are as follows:
1. Appreciate and respect the volunteer.
2. Provide the volunteer with a clear description of the tasks.
3. Prepare and train the volunteer with regard to the tasks assigned to him/her, and ensure that he/she is ready to carry out the tasks through the necessary courses or workshops.
4. Match between the volunteer's skills and tasks to achieve the goals of volunteer service.
5. Providing a safe place to participate in the implementation of the volunteer service, and not to endanger the volunteer’s life.
6. Monitor and record volunteer hours from the start of preparation according to the tasks of each volunteer.
7. Respect the confidentiality of volunteer.
8. Provide the volunteer with the equipment, tools, and clothing needed for the volunteer work.
9. Providing foods, transportation, and housing in case the volunteer’s residence is outside the Eastern Province.
10. Provide treatment for the volunteer in case he/she is injured during training or volunteering, or on the way to or from the volunteer service.
11. Provide the volunteer with a valid identification card during training or volunteering.
12. Receive a certificate of appreciation that includes the type of volunteer work that was accomplished, duration, number of volunteer working hours, and a description of the experience gained within two weeks after the end date of volunteer service.

What does the College offer for volunteers?

1. An appreciation certificate after completing 100 voluntary hours.
2. Priority is given to the volunteer in enrollment in training and skills development programs conducted at the College.
3. Upgrading to a higher level in volunteer work according to volunteer hours 100 hours (volunteer) 150 hours (initiative leader) 200 hours (college ambassador).
4. Annual honoring and appreciation of volunteers by the College.

About the awareness publications

Community activities and initiatives in the college

Training programs aimed at imparting and developing knowledge and skills related to a specific field and increasing the skillful or applied aspect.
Programs aiming to educate and spread a culture related to a specific field, or provide specialized technical and professional services to groups of society, and these activities are not counted within the curricula of the college.
Studies provided by the college through faculty members to address some pressing problems in society.
Programs aiming to educate and spread a culture related to a specific field, or to provide specialized technical and professional services to groups of society and are directed to the community outside the college but linked to the curriculum in some way

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