Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences in Dhahran was honored by the visit of Dr. Wafa al-Daaiji, general supervisor of the assistant dentists Diploma Program in the General Directorate of Medical Services of the Armed Forces, Dr. Iqbal Al-Samihan, Director of the Assistant Dentist Program at Dhahran Air Base Hospital, and Dr. Maha Kander, Director of the Assistant Dental Program at The King Fahd Military Complex in Dhahran on Monday (13/10/2020). His Excellency the Dean of the college, Dr. Aidan Al Zahrani, greeted them to a tour of the academic departments, and then a meeting was held to discuss the national program of assistant dentist. The program aims to prepare trainees to manage patient information, prepare, and sterilize tools, and to take care of them, in addition to assistance in dental procedures.