Director’s Message

Thank God alone, and I praise our Prophet Mohammad and his companions

One of the most important things that the Department of Religious Affairs does is the mission of the prophets and messengers (calling to Allah Almighty), which is the basis of Allah’s preservation of nations, and the basis of the righteousness in this life and the hereafter, he says (Let you be a nation that calls for good, commands good and is not evil). Our duty is to invite and educate the faculty’s staff, civilians and military personnel, men and women, students of the college, and carry out activities and programs of advocacy and awareness, supervise the seminars of the Holy Quran and mosques, and provide loans and charitable assistance to families and workers -Who need the help of college staff – and invite Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Asking God for success and rewards for all.

About Religious Affairs Directorate

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1-Takaful Fund Services:

  • Contributions  
  • Financial donation  
  • Case study  
  • Need loan  
  • Pandemic loan  
  • Marriage loan  
  • Food basket  
  • In-kind materials  

There are special models in the Takaful Fund section. 

2-Awareness department services

  • Hosting lecturers and trainers. 
  • Awareness and advocacy activities for college staff. 

3-Services of the Department of Communities:

  • Follow-up with the new Muslim.
  • Educating Muslim and non-Muslim communities.
  • Advocacy activities for Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

4-  Services of the mosque department:

  • Avoid ingesting irregularities in the mosques.
  • Attending to mosques.

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