Director’s Message

The Human Resources Department is to serve the staff of the college and finish all their procedures in accordance with the rules and regulations, which are the Rafid for development and training through the provision of appropriate training and qualification programs in order to qualify the human cadres to come out with a distinctive and able to compete. Prince Sultan Military College for Health Sciences in Dhahran has an electronic service through which all administrative procedures are completed easily. It also contributes to the employment of human cadres in accordance with the requirements of the college. The administration seeks to raise the level of performance and to be continuously developed and organized to ensure the availability of an attractive and healthy work environment conducive to productivity.

About Human Resources Directorate

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  • Working on leave procedures of all kinds and evaluating annual performance and renewal through the electronic human resources system.
  • Supervising the recruitment procedures and promotions related to the college on the website of the electronic platform: