Director’s Message

The Purchasing Directorate works to secure the needs of all departments of the college in accordance with the financial regulations governing the procurement process, which are based on the plans and objectives set by the senior management, in order to secure the devices, supplies and consumables needed by the directorates and departments of the college at the lowest prices and in accordance with specifications set by those departments. We are also keen on the speed of completion and safety of procedures to provide everything we can. Our production is the best witness for the quality of our work.

About Purchase Directorate

The procurement function carried out by the Purchasing Directorate is an economic and commercial function that is governed by a set of policies and objectives that are all joined to achieve the goals of the College. It is an essential part of the College that helps achieving its goals efficiently and effectively. Such interest in the directorate will assist in identifying future concerns in advance, improve its level of performance, and achieve its set goals with the highest possible efficiency.

  • Introducing direct purchase through the Etimad platform.
  • Introducing competitions through the Etimad platform.
  • Providing emergency and urgent needs that are not available on the Etimad platform by procurement agents through cash purchases.
  • Authorization & Direct purchasing department.
  • Bids & Contracts Department.
  • Coordination, follow-up & archiving Department.

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