Director’s Message

The Administration for Financial Affairs is the executive body, which manages the College’s financial and accounting budget process in accordance with the annual budget issued at the beginning of each financial year.

Moreover, through the directives of the College Dean, the Administration for Financial Affairs seeks to the best of its ability, to combine the efforts of its employees in order to improve the College’s status, inspire responsibility and pave the way for the College’s future success. The Administration for Financial Affairs is working with all its efforts to serve the College and its employees, and to deliver financial dues to its beneficiaries using the easiest possible methods of payment.

In order to implement the financial process with integrity, transparency and professionalism, the Administration for Financial Affairs follows strict administrative and accounting procedures.

About Financial Affairs Directorate

The Administration for Financial Affairs seeks to identify and mobilise resources to meet the objectives and vision of the College.

General Accounts

Execute and manage accounting operations, prepare records, control bank accounts and carry out disbursements.

Expenses and Compensations

Organize all financial operations concerning suppliers’ expenses and related operations.


Follow up the implementation of the budget and disbursement of its items, and prepare necessary reports and budget project.

Auditing and Follow-up

Audit all issued financial transactions and follow up the implementation of instructions and transactions aiming for efficiency and achievement.

Health Services Accounting

Follow up and implement the necessary procedures for salary payments for military members and permanent employees of the College, as well as student stipends.