Application of modern scientific methods and techniques in the expeditious diagnosis and treatment of disease and illness is one of the prime reasons for the outstanding progress in medicine during the last few decades .The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences of the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences is committed to providing this invaluable service.

Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) Program, at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences, involves a one-year Pre-Clinical and a three-year Clinical Course of study, as well as a one-year internship in a hospital. On completion of this training, the CLS graduate can assume the post of Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the Medical Laboratory of hospitals, clinics, forensic and public health departments or quality control sections of the food and water industries.

The CLS Program involves the systematic study of a wide range of subjects related to the scope of the Clinical Laboratory Science. Theoretical aspects in most of the courses are underpinned by a high level of training in practical skills.

About the program

Dr. Rania Suliman
Dr. Rania SulimanChairman, Assistant Professor
Office Room # 2015 -1
Office Ext. 6628
Brig. Gen. Dr. Yaser Alnaam
Brig. Gen. Dr. Yaser AlnaamAssistant Professor
Office Room #2048

Office Ext.5512
Dr. Murtada Taha
Dr. Murtada TahaAssistant Professor
Office Room # 2015 -8

Office Ext. 5505
Dr. Salah Elsafi
Dr. Salah ElsafiAssociate professor
Office Room # 2015 -2

Office Ext. 5448
Dr. Elmoeiz Elnagi
Dr. Elmoeiz Elnagi Assistant Professor
Office Room # 2015 -8

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Mr. Siju George
Mr. Siju GeorgeLecturer
Office Room # 2015 -7

Office Ext. 5433
Mr. Ahmed Adlan
Mr. Ahmed AdlanLecturer
Office Room #2015 -7

Office Ext. 5433
Ms. Ashly Jacob
Ms. Ashly JacobLecturer
Office Room # 2015 -3

Office Ext.6960
Mr. Mohammed Al Mish
Mr. Mohammed Al Mish Lecturer
Office Room # 2015-4

Office Ext. 5446
Ms. Rawan Maawadh
Ms. Rawan Maawadh Lecturer
Office Room # 2015-3

Office Ext. 6960
Mr. Saleh Al Musabi
Mr. Saleh Al Musabi Lecturer
Office Room # 2015-6

Office Ext. 5437
Mr. Abdullah Abdali
Mr. Abdullah Abdali Lecturer
office Room # 2015 -4
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Mr. Zeyad Alkharraz
Mr. Zeyad AlkharrazLecturer
Security Office (Corner)
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Mr. Faisal Alkhalaf
Mr. Faisal Alkhalaf Demonstrator
office Room 2015 -6

office Ext. 5437
Ms. Lenah Almusallam
Ms. Lenah Almusallam Demonstrator
office Room # 2015

office Ext.5453
Ms. Thekra Nasser AlMaqati
Ms. Thekra Nasser AlMaqatiScholarship degree PhD
Maj. Hussain Alqahtani
Maj. Hussain AlqahtaniScholarship degree PhD
Mr. Ali Gazwani
Mr. Ali GazwaniScholarship degree PhD
Mr. Fahad Mashwal
Mr. Fahad MashwalScholarship degree PhD
Ms. Faten Al Qathani
Ms. Faten Al Qathani Scholarship degree PhD
Ms. Aisha AlGhazwani
Ms. Aisha AlGhazwani Scholarship Master degree
Ms. Amjad Alatawi
Ms. Amjad AlatawiScholarship Master degree

Student’s HandBook

Program Overview:

  • Provide appropriate teaching and learning experiences to achieve the recognized standards of competence.
  • Establish, implement and maintain a curriculum that generates remarkably skilled CLS specialists.
  • Develop and instill professional attitudes, sound working practices, management and leadership skills with high levels of quality and safety in clinical laboratories.
  • Raise awareness among CLS graduates about the importance of continuous education, scientific research, professional improvements
  • Provide community service related to the role of Clinical Laboratory Sciences.
  • Completed the First Year Program.
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8


K1: Recognize advanced core knowledge of the various disciplines of the clinical laboratory Sciences.

K2: Outline safety measures and quality assurance at the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases of the laboratory procedures.

K3: State the fundamentals of bioethics, management, and leadership necessary for the medical laboratory practice and research.


S1:  Assess the appropriateness of the various assay methodologies and outcomes according to the clinical requirements.

S2: Perform safe and accurate sample collection, processing and testing using laboratory instruments and information technology in clinical and research settings.

S3: Interpret a wide array of the laboratory test results in relation to the clinical conditions.

S4: Evaluate quality assurance data for troubleshooting and problem-solving strategies for analytical errors utilizing the appropriate statistical approach for the satisfaction of the test integrity and outcomes.

S5: Construct focused research study and scientific reports.


V1: Demonstrate effective communication, leadership and management skills.

V2: Show personal responsibility towards teamwork, professional development, and moral standard.

  • Apply clinical laboratory related knowledge and technical competencies in providing patient-centered health care professionally.
  • Express effective teamwork, leadership, communication skills, and self-development within the healthcare system toward quality and system improvement.
  • Apply a high standard code of conduct to demonstrate a positive personal behavior, ethics, and commitment.
  • Think critically, design, and undertake research projects in clinical laboratory Sciences using appropriate methodologies.

Program overview:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Saudi Arabia. The acceptance of non-Saudi Arabian citizens is allowed if they have a grant or if they are funding their own studies. 
  • The applicant must be a full-time student during their period of study.
  • The bridging program must be an extension of their diploma specialization.
  • The applicant diploma certificate is in one of the specializations classified within the health professions and the applicant must have a valid professional classification and registration certificate from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties upon application.
  • The applicant must have obtained a diploma, no less than two years after high school, in addition to the internship period.
  • The applicant GPA for the diploma program must not be below ‘Good ‘or its equivalent, and in the case of obtaining a GPA below ‘Good’, the applicant must pass another semester to enhance his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • The awarding body for the diploma must be one of the approved authorities. Regarding applicants who have obtained diplomas certificates from institutions outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and they must send their degrees to be further examined by the Equivalency Committee at the Ministry of Education.
  • The following individuals will receive priority when it comes to admissions: College alumni and employees and employees of other educational facilities of the General Directorate of the Medical Services of the Armed Forces, followed by governmental institutions and other accredited educational bodies.
  • The applicant must have passed the College’s approved English language test (IELTS) with a minimum score of 4.0 Note: the College does not accept results from any other English language tests.
  • The applicant must have at least two years’ experience in their field of specialization after finishing the diploma.
  • The applicant must be presently employed at the time of registration (not resigned, dismissed or on temporary leave).
  • The applicant’s job performance report from their employer for the last two years of the applicant’s service must not be less than ‘Very Good’.
  • The applicant must obtain written approval from their employer to attend the examinations and the interview required before starting his/her studies.
  • The applicant must pass both the College entry examinations and interview.
  • Applicants from outside of the Ministry of Defence are required to submit a confirmation that their employer consents to act as their financial guarantor. 
  • The applicant must be medically fit.
  • The College is not responsible for providing housing, accommodation or transportation.
  • The applicant must not have been expelled from Prince Sultan Military College for Health Sciences or any other college/university for disciplinary or academic reasons. 
  • The applicant must meet any other scholarship requirements from the Civil Service, Ministry of Education or their workplace.
  • Submission is carried out automatically only through the bridging admissions portal on the specified announced dates and no other requests will be accepted outside of these dates or the online platform. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the entered information and uploading it to the system correctly. 
  • Any applications that fail to meet the above requirements will be canceled at any stage during the admissions process.
  • The applicant must meet any other requirements determined by the College Council as announced at the time of registration.
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4