Dean of the College

On behalf of the faculty, staff, I would like to give you a warm welcome to Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences. We hope you find the campus, its programs, and its services excellent and to be in top form to provide for your educational needs. Throughout the past years, the college has continuously sought to deliver high quality education, add new academic programs, enhance support services and improve facilities.

As well as maintaining academic excellence, we provide students with opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.

The College is continuously marching ahead in pursuit of excellence, imparting quality education to students, as well as inculcating strong ethical values in its graduates to become good citizens and contribute to the betterment of society. The faculty, staff, and fellow students look forward to welcoming you as you begin or continue your academic career.

We are determined to continue our strong progress, building on the college’s key strengths. I strongly feel that with its well-experienced, committed faculty, staff, and strong academic infrastructure base, the College is adequately equipped to meet the challenges of modern technological education. We look forward to all those willing to accompany us in taking this professional journey and celebrating our students’ academic and personal achievements.

I wish you every success in your studies.

Our Vision

Excellence and leadership in health science education towards building a sustainable healthy community.

Our Mission

Prince Sultan Military College for Health Sciences is dedicated to graduate qualified and competent healthcare professionals by offering distinguished education and training, contributing to research, and community partnership to promote health services for the society.

Our Goals

1.Graduating highly skilled and competent healthcare professionals.
2. Fostering human capital and instilling moral values.
3. Reinforcing community partnership.
4. Thriving to improve institutional performance.
5. Distinctive scientific research, innovation and collaborations.
6. Strengthening the self-sustainability of the College.

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