Library Affairs and Translation Department

The Library of Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences plays a key role in serving the teaching and academic community includes students, faculty, staff, and researchers from inside and outside the College by providing library resources (print and electronic of books and references specialized in the field of ‎health sciences), facilitate access to many digital databases including thousands of full-text periodicals, books, reports, and University thesis, and offers advanced information services by collecting, organizing and dissemination of information. The Library Affairs Unit raise the efficiency and quality of the learning process by automation work and adopting an integrated system.

The translation unit also performs the official translation of all required documents such as certificates, policies, procedures, regulations, in addition to brochures and all documents related to the institutional and program accreditation of the college (from English to Arabic and vice versa).


The department is concerned with following up all library responsibilities in providing resources and services to the beneficiaries in the college, and offering translation services from English into Arabic and vice versa for all directorates and departments.

The library opened its doors to beneficiaries in 1409 AH, the same year of openning Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences in Dhahran under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Abdulaziz Al Saud, may God rest his soul. It works to serve the college’s academic and research community through its constant endeavor to provide printed and electronic sources of information in an appropriate environment, and to facilitate beneficiaries’ access through a number of systems and services.

Ms. Fatimah S. AlNasser, Acting Head of Library Affairs Unit
Mr.Mohammad Rasheed, Senior Librarian,
5422 – 5421
Ms. Latifah Khalid Al Husain, Acting Head of Translation unit
Ms. Hissah Amer Al Yahya, Assistant Librarian